Artist Statement


“ Individuals conjure landscape individually. Each inquirer realises something unique in the concatenation of shapes and forms and spaces and colours and textures ahead or around.” 1 The possibility of encountering with various landscapes, places and spaces allows me to develop a perspective of viewing the objective world from a point of a moving indi- vidual. Spontaneous ideas and thoughts emerge while I project my perception to the surroundings. These inspira- tions enable me not only to wonder but also to create.

Abandoned lands and buildings carry atmospheres which draws my thoughts. The traces of human activities left in from those spaces intensify the ambience of emptiness and stillness. The flourishing time of those sceneries has gone but yet the empty places retain. They are like a novel without an author, an object without an owner. I recreate such feelings of nothingness by arranging imageries in the pictures. Stories go on and being flourish in its own way. The subtle and quiet way of painting gives a low, indistinct but long lasting continuous atmospheres, which coat the stories I tell with vague and poetic colours. All these stories behind the images, there is no specific time, space and meaning, to me “ Perception in itself a Gain” 2.

1 John R. Stilgoe, What is Landscape?, The MIT Press, 2015
2 EmilyDickinson,EmilyDickinsonArchive: Perception of an Object costs, J1071, Fr1103